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Tell me, what is this?

TOTA Press is a handmade letterpress card subscription service.

As city dwellers, we are always looking on the other side of the platform for the express train. We dismiss the "Don't Walk" sign to cross the street now versus later. Everyday is rushed and time flies by too quickly. Although we love that and choose to live and breathe that energy, there is good in a sense of balance. On that note, we introduce TOTA Press. They are handmade cards inspired by taking the time to look at things that we pass by or pass us by. Every card is letterpressed and handled with care. And the result of this manual printing process is a custom card that you can use in any way you'd like. You can use one of the cards to slow things down a bit and take the time to write a thoughful note to someone you care about. We are pretty sure they would love hearing from you.

TOTA Press invites you to join a handmade letterpress card-of-the-month subscription. Every month, we will send you 2 custom-designed and hand-printed cards. These cards can be used for any occasion - whether you want to say thank you, congratulations, happy birthday, I miss you, happy anniversary...or even just hello. We hope you can enjoy a *pleasant surprise* in the mail every month!

Start a subscription or if you have any questions, here are some answers to common questions.