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The fine print

The way our orders get processed, one shipping address per order only. If you would like to place orders to multiple addresses, please place 1 order per address.

Upon completing your payment {the final step to the order process}, you will receive a payment receipt email from Paypal. If you do not receive this email confirmation, please follow these steps:
  1. Double-check that you have submitted your order through Paypal - this includes pressing the "Pay Now" button on the Paypal page {with the TOTA Press logo on top}.
  2. Check your Paypal My Account activity if your order amount has been charged/deducted.
    If your order amount is not deducted, the order did not go through so please try the process again.
  3. If your order amount is deducted but a payment receipt email has not been received OR if you are having related difficulties, please provide a brief description of your situation and contact us at orders@totapress.com

All orders are sent via First-Class US Postal Service. All orders are shipped on the 1st of each month. Cards should arrive to your mailing address within 2-5 business days for within the US and 4-10 days for countries other than the US. Domestic shipments are packaged in recycled cardboard rigid mailers; International shipments are packaged in USPS rigid mailers {this helps us keep shipping costs down for int'l destinations!}.
Please view shipping prices in product descriptions.

There are no returns or refunds granted for the subscriptions, unless it is a result of our error. However your satisfaction is in our best interest. For inquiries, please contact us at orders@totapress.com.

We gladly accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, or PayPal account payments. All payments are processed via PayPal and ensure security. You can purchase a subscription without a PayPal account. We do not accept cash, checks, money orders or CODs.
Upon completing your payment {the final step to the order process}, you will receive a payment receipt email from Paypal, as well as an order confirmation email from TOTA Press.
If you are having any problems, please contact us at orders@totapress.com

If you are placing a gift subscription, please notify us in the Note to seller box in PayPal - in the payment process. Enter the gift recipient's mailing address for Shipping address in PayPal. You can also write a personal gift message to the recipient in the Gift options box and we will be sure to include that too. If you do not include a personal message, the default message is: "You have received a gift subscription from [your full name]!" Gift subscription recipients will be notified by mail: when they will receive their first order and for how long, what TOTA Press is, and your gift message.

We do not distribute any personal information to third parties under any circumstances. The information we collect is used solely to process your order, and we are committed to protecting our customer's privacy.
Information collected for our mailing list is used solely by TOTA Press/Studio TOTA and will not be shared in any way with outside parties. This information may be used for announcing news and product specials only. If you would like to be removed from our mailing list, please contact list@totapress.com.

Please get in touch with us at orders@totapress.com.